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My Story

Hi. I'm Stompy. I prefer to go by Stomzy, and no, no relation to Stormzy from the UK albeit I wish he and I could collab.

I work full-time with one of the world's fastest growing startups where we are trying to make it so that everyone can code. I'm a computer scientist as well as a certified Business Model Innovator with over a decade and a half of experience hacking at existing business models, challenging and building tech-led innovation cultures at the enterprise and SMB level. On the side, I'm a sucker for investments and currently have a snug little portfolio of investments as well as a running luxury car rental business.

When I'm not working, I love traveling the world with my family. When we're not traveling, we're hanging out at a restaurant, chilling at home bickering over which Formula 1 team is the best. 

"... And one day I realized that I can no longer move forward while my head is turned back."

My Mission

I help businesses think differently and challenge their existing business models to create new ideas for additional revenue, develop novel partnerships, re-imagine their cost structures, grow customer relationships and channels to reach these customers. In short, innovating their business models.

With a background in Infrastructure and Software, I also help businesses remain agile in a fast-paced world where a late move in adoption can leave a business stranded in a market. This is not done via bulky reports but by realtime data-backed analysis that changes just as the market does.

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